Policies and Procedures

Privacy Policy

At Doe Lake Campground Rizzort, we do collect personal information in the course of conducting our normal business activity. All information is held in the strictest of confidentiality, and at no time shared with any 3rd party without prior consent.

Questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy may be submitted in writing to:

Doe Lake Campground Rizzort
882 Ferguson Road, Katrine, ON P0A 1L0 or email : info@doelake.on.ca

Seasonal Sites

  1. Trailers must be insured by owners. Doe Lake Campground Rizzort does not accept any responsibility for damage while your trailer is situated at DLCR. Trailer sites are located under a hardwood bush canopy. Sites allow for 1 vehicle/site. Extra charges will apply for additional vehicles.
  2. Trailers entering the park must be newer than 10 years old. After 10 years of age trailers cannot be sold in park. All trailers that are for sale must be registered as for sale at the office. An administration fee will be charged for the sale of your trailer. No "For Sale" signs are allowed on trailers. TSSA propane regulations must be followed, and trailers must be inspected before sold. A full season’s site fee must be paid if the trailer that is for sale is left on its site after May 1st.
  3. No contractor, builder or repair person is allowed to work on Doe Lake Campground Rizzort property without first providing proof of liability insurance and Workman's Compensation Insurance where applicable.
  4. The License to Occupy is renewable annually at the discretion of Doe Lake Campground Rizzort. The License to Occupy is not transferable if trailer is sold. Management has the right to screen new seasonal campers. For seasonal guests with trailers older than 15 years, site must be cleared of all structures and out buildings at their expense prior to vacating site at the end of the season, but no later than October 15th of that year. Failure to comply will result in storage charges and a lien registered against property as set out in the Repair and Storage Liens Act R.S.O. 1990 c.R.25 s4(1). License to Occupy must be signed , dated, and returned to the office prior to occupying the site for the season each year, as governed by the Trespass to Property Act of Ontario R.S.O. 1990 c.T.21
  5. A building permit is required from Armour Township for all new structures and decks. All construction projects must be completed in a timely fashion and be pleasing to the eye. Management will set and enforce standards. Existing structures (decks, sheds & added rooms) must be maintained in good repair at all times. Any and all site improvements remain the exclusive property of DLCR upon vacating the site. Only 1 storage shed per site permitted, max 8' x 10'.
  6. All seasonal sites must be kept tidy. Tents may be put up for sleeping on an occasional basis. Tents must be taken down when not in immediate use. Management retains the right to clean the site, cut long grass and bill back the site's occupant.
  7. No digging is permitted without first checking with management. No cutting or defacing trees is allowed. Repair work to automobiles and/or marine water craft is strictly prohibited on campground property. Parking of 1 seasonal automobile per site (where applicable). All others must use designated guest parking areas.
  8. The season is from May 15 to October 15 - conditions permitting. Park is "CLOSED" outside these dates, occupancy is not permitted. The site is to be utilized by one family (occupant plus spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 living at home). All others are considered as guests. Maximum persons allowable on site to be no more than 6.
  9. ALL VISITORS must be registered at the office before entering the campground, daily rates apply. Seasonal campers are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guest fees double for long weekends.
  10. Trailer winterization is offered and the fee is based on the owner winterizing and Doe Lake Campground Rizzort assisting. DLCR personnel will not go on trailer or add-a room roofs to remove snow. DLCR does not accept any responsibility for snow/winter related damage. Trailers are left at owners risk during the winter, site visitation by appointment only.
  11. Only Doe Lake Campground Rizzort approved septic system additives are allowed. No chemicals are permitted


  1. Speed limit is 10 km/hr on all DLCR roads. Speed limit for water craft around docks is 5 km/hr. In dash vehicle permits must be on display at all times while in park property by both seasonal and overnight guests, as issued by the office. Use of ATV’s or electric golf carts (1) are permitted in the campground area for the purpose of commuting. All vehicles ( including boats, ATV’s & electric golf carts ) must be insured and operated by persons holding a valid driver’s license. Any excess vehicles (boats,snowmobiles, ATV's, electric golf carts, utility trailers, and/or fishing huts) residing on DLCR property more than 30 days will be subject to a storage fee per season. Boat and/or utility trailers must be stored off campsite.
  2. Pets are welcome, to a maximum of 2 per site. Dogs must be well behaved and leashed, no aggressive breeds or behavior . The Dog beach is available for swimming. No pets are to be on the beach designated as “people only”. Stoop and scoop rule in effect at all times. Dogs cannot bark continuously.
  3. No loud noise or activities are allowed at any time. Quiet time begins at 11:00 pm and continues until to 8:00 am. Discharging of fireworks and firearms is prohibited in the campground and on beach areas.
  4. Garbage bins provided are for household garbage only! All propane bottles, furniture, appliances, BBQ’s, batteries, and hazardous materials are strictly prohibited ! NO DUMPING ANYWHERE on Doe Lake Campground Rizzort property. Failure to comply will result in immediate eviction and possible fines as set by Armour Township Bylaws. Please ensure all garbage bags are firmly secured to prevent against attracting wild animals.
  5. Campfires are only permitted in the fire rings provided at each site, and must not be left unattended. Paper and wood are the only items that can be burnt. Fire bans enforced by the Fire Marshall must be strictly adhered to. Firewood from Southern Ontario cannot be brought into the campground or cottage areas. This directive will prevent spread of disease and pests affecting our forests as determined by the Ministry of Natural Resources. All firewood must be purchased at the office.
  6. Children must be supervised in the washrooms, docks, playground(s) and beach areas.
  7. Children under the age of 16 must be on their site by 11 pm if unsupervised by an adult and cannot stay in the Park if their parents/guardians are away from the campground.


  1. Docks are off limits except to those who have a slip on that specific dock. All children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult while on docks. Do not run or jump on the docks.
  2. Do not dive off docks or climb up on docks. The end of dock section #1 is to be used for water skiing and tubing. A ladder is available there to exit the water.